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School's back today with two Seasonal Strala classes, Release & Relax. This week is all about resetting and grounding, to align with the Earth Element of Late Summer. I'll weave in some twists to to ease the seasonal change as the temperature blows from warm to cool to hot to cool in the coming weeks.

Strala Yoga combines the movement wisdoms of tai chi, yoga and qigong, as a way to help people release stress, heal and move more easily through all kinds of challenge. Seasonal inspiration from the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine enriches these classes, along with curated music choices. You're so welcome to enjoy my playlists on Spotify - just head over to Nicky Dye, and they are all there for you.

Yoga Cappuccino is as it says on the tin - you are warmly invited to stay for a chat and a cuppa to give you that Friday feeling and community.

There are two new classes this term - Beginners' Yoga, and Yoga for Sleep.

Beginners' Yoga is on Tuesdays at 1:15-2pm. We will enjoy exploring poses - finding what position feels good in our individual bodies, and connecting breath and movement in an organic way. We'll take our time to play around with short sequences, going at your pace. This is the perfect class if you're new to yoga, or ever worry, "Am I doing it right?", or would simply like to take your time to get to know the different poses and basic sequences. We'll play, laugh, stretch and relax. Every body is welcome.

Yoga for Sleep is a class made up of breath work, single long-held poses and a blissful guided relaxation. It is quite incredible how effective this class is for deeper, longer sleep. You'll sleep so well afterwards and wake up feeling oh so refreshed on Thursdays. I'm also on hand to offer individual sleep advice. This is currently the only class in Twickenham, although private yoga is also available at this studio in Waldegrave Road, TW11.

In Teen Yoga classes, we move, breathe, journal and chill. Each week, we explore different aspects of yoga philosophy, gain strength and flexibility, and understand how to manage our emotions. Life becomes easier this way.

Classes take place in the beautiful garden studio in Claygate, (except for the Yoga for Sleep class, in Twickenham). The bespoke yoga studios are small and friendly, with well-spaced mats.

Yoga is a great tool for helping to keep us grounded when unexpected things happen. I do hope these classes will help you to feel more resilient and meet challenges with ease. Maybe there is someone you know who might benefit from coming along too? Everyone is welcome.

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See you on the mat!

Nicky is a Sleep RecoveryTM teacher, advanced Strala Guide, and therapeutic Teen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher. If you would like to hear more about how therapeutic yoga could help you or your teen, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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