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"I am sure there are many who could benefit from Nicky's skills, kindness and compassion".  Lisa Kaley-Isley, PhD Clinical Psychologist, Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist

* Teen Yoga Therapy * Women's Health & Fertility * Long Covid Recovery * Cancer Support * Sleep Recovery * Mental Health & Wellness * Optimal Health * Parkinsons

Consultations and
6 Week Programmes

I work with people who struggle with ongoing health issues, who are looking for natural solutions, and to live with a renewed sense of ease and energy. 

Chinese Medicine Consultation £75

According to Chinese Medicine, every physical ailment is caused by an anergy imbalance within the body.  This energy, known as Qi, flows through a series of meridians (channels) all over the body.  Obstructions in the flow of Qi can be unblocked and balance restored, rejuvenating your health and well-being.

Have you been suffering from a health issue for some time, and are struggling to find a solution that works?


Drawing on the 5 Elements and 8 Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I'll build a big picture of what's going on for you, and provide a tailored treatment plan, including yoga, massage and acupressure, that suits your lifestyle and needs, because you are unique.  I'm there to listen, support and guide you back to feeling like you again.  I recommend following up with 6 sessions of Therapeutic Yoga.

Therapeutic Yoga (Adults & Teens) £60

or Bespoke 6 Week Programme/Bundle £330

Yoga to make you feel better, in mind, body and/or soul. 

This is perfect for you if you have been suffering from a health issue for some time, and are seeking a solution that works.  A comprehensive consultation provides a detailed picture of the whole of you, and a bespoke treatment plan, because you are unique.  I'm there to listen, support and guide you back to feeling like you again.

Teen Yoga Therapy 

If you haven't been feeling happy for a while, or are feeling stressed or anxious, this can really help to put you back on track.  I'm here to listen to what's going on, to explain what's happening from a mind, body and brain perspective.

Emotional distress can lead to self harm, depression and eating disorders; therapeutic yoga gives you back control and purpose.  

Long Covid Recovery

Covid symptoms are mainly respiratory, with fatigue and headaches, and can affect other parts of the body too, including heart, brain and gut (including brain fog).  This programme draws on the latest global research and case studies and uses a Chinese Medicine method to ascertain what is going on for the patient, and how they are feeling mentally and emotionally.  A tailored recovery plan is designed, comprising restorative yoga practices, healing breathwork, emotional support, lifestyle advice and mindfulness.  It's time to get back on track.

Women's Health Fresh Start

This course is for:

1. Women who would benefit from getting their monthly cycle more regular and pain free.

2. Women who would like to start or expand their family and would like some support to regulate their hormones and monthly cycle in order to conceive; this is a great programme alongside fertility treatment to optimise a successful outcome.

2. Women aged 44 to 55 who are struggling with peri/menopausal symptoms and want to have more energy and less hot flushes, and other symptoms.

Yoga for People Experiencing Cancer

Supporting you in your journey to recovery and beyond, physically, mentally and emotionally.   Building up your strength, flexibility and spark.  

Sleep Recovery Programme £495 Individual / £330 Group

Are you struggling to get to sleep, waking in the night or finding your energy lacking during the day?


This is a proven 5 step approach - no tech, no meds, no products - to get you back to your natural state of sleeping well at night and thriving during the day.  


The 5 steps focus on Body, Breath, Mind, Emotions and Soul and are followed up two weeks later to review, support you and reinforce new habits, and to reintroduce any tools that you may find useful.  

Mental Health & Wellness Programme

This course is for anyone who is struggling with stress, anxiety or depression, and/or emotional distress.  I find my clients quickly start to feel better.


This bespoke programme focuses on mind, body and breath.   The way we breathe is often at the heart of how we feel and thrive.  We may use a Personal Stress Management Plan, Fit Circle or apply other frameworks.


I draw upon many different modalities, tailoring the right approach for you - this could be understanding neuroscience, the Five Element Approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, the Chakra Energy Body System, and the Eight Limbs of Yoga (which include philosophy, breath, yoga poses, sensory awareness and meditation).

Yoga for Parkinsons

Please enquire about a new group starting soon

Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life

Detoxify your mind and body, and create sustainable healthy habits for an optimal life.  Each week, we focus on a different organ system to bring you back into balance physically, emotionally and mentally - Stomach and Spleen, Kidney & Bladder, Liver & Gallbladder, Heart & Small Intestine, Lung & Large Intestine.  I'm here to guide and support you through to completion so that you can move forward with ease and I'm excited for you!  

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Yoga Massage

Blissful relaxation from the rocking and rolling motion of Shiatsu, acupressure and Thai Yoga Massage, designed for you and your individual needs.

Choose from Massage £50 for 45 minutes

or Yoga Massage Combo £85 for 90 minutes

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