Fees & Locations

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Yoga & Massage

Group Yoga Class  £12 per 60 minute class, bookable & payable in half term blocks

Private Yoga Class £45 for 45 minutes

Massage £50 for 50 minutes;

YogaMassage Combo £80 for 90 minutes

Yoga Therapy (Specialist Yoga for Health & Healing)

Consultation £75

Follow-up 45 minute appts £60

6 week package/bundle £330

12 week package/bundle £595

Sleep Recovery (6 week programme, includes 90 minute live teaching per week)

Group £225 - minimum 3 people

Private £495

Yoga Therapy for Sleep £75 Consultation / Follow-up appts £60

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange yoga at work / sports clubs / in schools / at events.

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Private Classes at
7 Telegraph Lane,
Claygate KT10 0DT

Access via the side-gate to the right of the house

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Group Classes at
4 Merrilyn Close,
Claygate KT10 0EQ

Access via the side-gate to the right of the house

Nicky Dye Private Yoga Warrior.jpg

Home Visits
available on request

Up to 30 mins travel time.  A £5 petrol fee is applicable.

Terms & Conditions

  • Clients are required to provide all relevant health information to the practitioner to enable the best outcomes.  

  • Clients are responsible for not over-stretching or ignoring pain signals and are expected to modify accordingly or make the practitioner aware, who will offer different options as appropriate.  If the client becomes pregnant or is postnatal, they are responsible for letting the practitioner know.

  • Any general lifestyle advice the practitioner offers is taken at your own free will. The practitioner is unable to give advice outside the scope of training and expertise, in which instance a referral to another specialist may be offered. 

  • Sessions may be recorded for your future use; please do not share them with anyone else.

  • Clients are expected to be respectful and supportive of each other

  • Claygate Yoga Clinic is GDPR compliant.  Please request if you wish to read the data protection and privacy notice.



  • Pre-booking is required through the website.  The practitioner may choose to pay offline and through bank transfer or PayM (by mobile), or via the website 

  • Group class purchases need to be paid in full, in advance.  If it is the first class, the practitioner may pay for a single class.  If the block of classes has started, the payment will be pro-rated and paid through bank transfer or PayM (by mobile).

  • The client is expected to inform the practitioner if they are unable to attend.  The practitioner will invite them to attend another class during the week, space permitting, or provide a recording upon request.  There are no refunds available.

  • Clients are expected to arrive in good time on zoom or in person to be ready by the start time of the class



  • Single sessions and packages need to be paid in full, in advance.  If no sessions are taken for a 3 month period, unused sessions cannot be carried forward or refunded.

GDPR Policy available upon request.