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Do you find yourself swept up a world of busy-ness and doing?  Would you like to feel less stressed and be able to live a life of ease, flexibility and equanimity?  Yoga can make all the difference.  Everybody is welcome and flexibility is not a pre-requisite, it's a happy side effect!

Perhaps you  have been struggling with a health or happiness issue that no meds have been able to shift.  Or you're low on energy and haven't felt your natural spark for a while.  Did you know that specialist yoga can help bring you back to optimal health and feeling like you again?  Simply book an intro chat to find out more.  Available for adults and teens.

Would you like to try Teen Yoga but are not sure about what a class is like?  That's only natural.  I can give you all the information you need to be able to join with confidence.

Claygate Yoga Clinic

for health, healing and happiness

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