Bespoke Sleep Solutions

Nicky is a certified Sleep RecoveryTM teacher, who leads Yoga for Sleep classes, Sleep Well workshops for adults and teens, and 6 week Sleep Better Forever Programmes.

How Can I Help?

Sleep Consultation



I'll take you through a sleep questionnaire, listen to what keeps you up at night and low on energy in the day, and give you some bespoke recommendations.

Yoga for Sleep Class

Enjoy settling into proven Sleep RecoveryTM poses, breathing techniques and guided relaxation to soothe stress and activate the relaxation response, leading to your best night's sleep of the week.

6 Week Sleep Recovery Programme  

This programme is the result of over 20 years' research into medical, pyschological and holistic approaches and is proven to work.

Are you struggling to get to sleep, waking in the night or finding your energy lacking during the day?


This is a proven 5 step approach - no tech, no meds, no products - to get you back to your natural state of sleeping well at night and thriving during the day.  


The 5 steps are followed up two weeks later to support you and reinforce new habits, and to reintroduce any tools that you may find useful.


I recommend starting with a FREE discovery call to see how I can help you.

All About Sleep: Teen Workshop for Schools

Supported by the Grace Dear Trust.

Who's it for:

For all students in years 10-13, in groups of up to 30.



Students will learn more about the science of sleep, with evidence-based tips and resources to improve sleep quantity and quality, so that they can learn better, regulate their emotions and cope with stress.



What to expect:

A fun, interactive workshop with 3 quizzes, 3 practical experiments, many new insights and tools. Students will take away handouts so that they can practice new habits at home to improve their sleep.


6 Week Programme for Teens

For students who struggle with sleep beyond a temporary phase; recommended when sleep struggles affect daily functioning and mental health.  Appropriate for students who are autistic, or live with ADHD / ADD.  Up to 20 students per group.