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Sleep Therapy

Do you need to calm your racing mind, sort out your sleep hygiene or stop waking up in the night?  Then you're in the right place.   I'm here to help.

Can't decide what's best for you?  Jump on a call with Nicky for her expert advice.


“It was a brilliant journey that you took me on and introduced me to new insights and experiences I have never had before for which I thank you.  The sessions are so much better than the book in general because you bring it all to life and make sense of it and real application. That was the best thing ie the programme itself.  I also found the adds-on good too, like the acupoints and breathing exercises in general beyond the book and again the demonstrations and explanations were really helpful.  I am struggling to suggest anything to improve it! Perhaps because it works.  If I do hear anyone saying they are struggling sleeping I will certainly mention you”.  TA

Claygate Yoga Clinic

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