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Retreat to Andalusia

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I'm here to help you

Are you struggling with your energy levels​?

Are you juggling work, life and play while your hormones are throwing you curveballs?

Have you been feeling under par but can't get to the bottom of what's really going on?

I can help, so reach out and get in touch today.  To begin, begin.

Nicky trained with Strala Yoga, appleyoga, Teen Yoga and Yoga Medicine.  She has completed courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga for Cancer & Beyond / Parkinsons / Long Covid / Chronic Fatigue / Female Health & Menopause / Mental Health and Wellness / Menopause and Sleep

Nicky is a certified Shiatsu Practitioner and uses a The Five Element Approach to health and yoga, to bring harmony and balance to the mind and body.

If you would like to explore how I can help you feel like you again, simply click this button.

"Over a period of time, I had starting becoming very hyper vigilant at night. Not able to settle and waking with a start at every little sound. Through understanding of what was happening to my nervous system, and how to calm it down, I was able make improvements and start to turn things around".

- Julie

Whatever you need help with, whether balancing energy levels, understanding your hormonal cycle or making peace with your body, Nicky brings her deep knowledge of Chinese Medicine to bear on a variety of physical / emotional issues, gently guiding and coaching you to a place of calm, acceptance, strength and grace.  

- Hannah

“Nicky's yoga classes are just what my body and mind need, with a combination of active flow, stretches and relaxation.  I love her playlists, her extensive knowledge and the variety of focus and movement from week to week.  It's been a lifesaver for me over the last few years.”

- Zann

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