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Nourish from Within

At Claygate Yoga Clinic, we believe in holistic health.  Every individual is special and unique, as are our health solutions.  We offer a 12 week Health Support Programme, which incorporates not only yoga, qigong, meditation, journaling, acupressure and lifestyle advice, but also massage and nutritional therapies.  Alternatively you can work directly with our team by contacting them directly.

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Lucie Simon.png

Meet Lucie

My approach is positive, inclusive nutrition, helping women manage hormones around life stages, to feel their best with food, in easy, fun, achievable ways, using proven methods.

I am a qualified nutritional therapist and women’s health expert, BANT and CNHC accredited following training at CNM.  I am also a retreat chef, with over 10 years of experience running yoga and wellbeing retreats with my sisters at Chillout Retreats. I am on the expert panel at Menopause Experts.

Meet Gemma

My mission is to support adults who feel that foods are triggering or exacerbating their symptoms, gain clarity on what they are reacting to and why, so they can regain the joy of eating without fear and get back to doing what they love.  

Get insights into your genetic blueprint – and how you can support your unique biochemistry through nutrition and lifestyle approaches.

Shake off stress with TRE while staying safe and grounded.

Registered Nutritional Therapist and TRE® practitioner specialising in food reactivity and immune health.

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