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Menopause Support

I offer Yoga & Wellbeing to support you on your menopause journey, so that you can sleep well, live well and love life.

According to Dr Claire Phipps, 80% of women experience symptoms during the menopause; 24% are severe, and 77% women didn't realise their symptoms were menopausal.

"The Menopause" is an umbrella term that encompasses the 3 stages of menopause:

i) Perimenopause - usually occurs in your 40s and can last 6+ years

ii) Menopause - period-free for 12 straight months (not due to another medical condition)

The symptoms related to Menopause can last 2-3 years according to the Straw definition.

iii) Post-menopause - any time after the menopause

Which stage are you?


Would you like some help to manage this natural transition?  

Jump on a call with Nicky for her expert advice.

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Menopause Yoga Workshops

Key elements of Menopause Yoga are a Women’s Circle to share similar experiences together, key insights, mindful movement, meditation, breathwork, positive psychology and journaling.  We're in this together!  No yoga experience required.

A series of 3 hour workshops, 2-5pm on

1. Sat 16 Mar It’s Getting Hot in Here! Cool the FLUSH

2. Sat 20 Apr Letting Go of ANXIETY & Overwhelm

3. Sat 18 May Whoa! Calm the Rage & IRRITABILITY

4. Sat 15 Jun SLEEP Well Through the Menopause & Beyond

Venue: Colets Health & Fitness in Thames Ditton

Price: £10 members, £35 non-members.  Max 18 spaces.

Book: Colets members book online / non-members book at Colets Reception or email

If you're interested in NUTRITION for menopause, then this is the workshop for you: 2-530pm on Sun 25 February

Happy Belly Workshop! Eat Well & Move Well for Menopause.  Co-hosted by Nicky & Kristina, Cloudberry Nutrition

Claygate Yoga Clinic

for health, healing and happiness

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