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Menopause Support

I offer Yoga & Wellbeing to support you on your menopause journey, so that you can sleep well, live well and love life.

According to Dr Claire Phipps, 80% of women experience symptoms during the menopause; 24% are severe, and 77% women didn't realise their symptoms were menopausal.

"The Menopause" is an umbrella term that encompasses the 3 stages of menopause:

i) Perimenopause - usually occurs in your 40s and can last 6+ years

ii) Menopause - period-free for 12 straight months (not due to another medical condition)

The symptoms related to Menopause can last 2-3 years according to the Straw definition.

iii) Post-menopause - any time after the menopause

Which stage are you?


Would you like some help to manage this natural transition?  

Jump on a call with Nicky for her expert advice.

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The Menopause Roadmap

Download this free Sleep Roadmap to help you understand your sleep patterns and challenges.

Free 30 minute Health Assessment

Take advantage of the Free 30 minute Health Assessment to understand the root cause of your challenges and pick up some suggestions.

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Menopause Yoga Workshops

Key elements of Menopause Yoga are a Women’s Circle to share similar experiences together, key insights, mindful movement, meditation, breathwork, positive psychology and journaling.  We're in this together!  No yoga experience required.

A series of 3 hour workshops, 2-5pm on

1. Sat 16 Mar It’s Getting Hot in Here! Cool the FLUSH

2. Sat 20 Apr Letting Go of ANXIETY & Overwhelm

3. Sat 18 May Whoa! Calm the Rage & IRRITABILITY

4. Sat 15 Jun SLEEP Well Through the Menopause & Beyond

for more info on content of the next workshop, click here.

Venue: Colets Health & Fitness in Thames Ditton

Price: £15 members, £35 non-members.  Max 18 spaces.

Book: Colets members book online / non-members book at Colets Reception or email

My Approach

My name is Nicky Dye

I am a Menopause YogaTM Teacher, Therapeutic Yoga specialist and Shiatsu Practitioner with over 10 years’ experience of treating people with all types of health concerns.  As a Mind-Body Expert, I bring my deep knowledge of TCM Theory, Ayurveda, Yoga and the Chakra Energy System in the 6 Week Health Support Programmes to ensure the best possible outcomes.

I blend the symptom-led approach of Menopause YogaTM with the Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In TCM, we consider the whole being (mind body emotion spirit) and identity patterns of disharmony, within a framework called 5 Element Theory (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water).

Nicky trained with the founder of Menopause YogaTM, Petra Coveney and the founder of Yoga Medicine, Tiffany Cruikshank, where she studied Chinese Medicine.

Nicky bio.HEIC

Based on the 4 Pillars of
Yoga Medicine



Know your stressors

The right exercise

Reduce inflammation

Improve sleep

Create nourishing downtime



Improve your relationship with food

Reduce TCM heating foods while adding TCM cooling foods

Regulate blood sugar balance

Eat functional foods

Reduce stress



Develop a sleep ritual

Sleep more (in the dark)

Distance or remove devices

Active exercise am, nourishing exercise pm 

Let go of the worries of the day thru writing, talking or meditation



Identify disharmony - excess/ stagnation/ deficiency/ both and apply appropriate movement or nourishing rest.

Listen to your body and give it what it needs.

Soften. Breathe. Move with Ease.

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What to Expect from a 6 Week Menopause Support Programme


  • Felt seen and heard; this is a safe space where you have my undivided attention

  • Identified root causes of my menopause symptoms

  • Clarity on activities and behaviours which make my symptoms better or worse

  • Increased knowledge of hormonal balance during menopause from both traditional and modern medicine points of view

  • Co-created intelligent and sustainable strategy, in order to make informed lifestyle decisions

  • Implemented new achievable disciplines to enhance wellness 

  • Modified yoga & qigong practices to

    • Diminish stress and hot flushes

    • Alleviate rage and irritability

    • Calm anxiety and overwhelm

    • Sleep better

  • Improved emotional resilience and ability to stay calm under pressure

  • Increased energy levels and libido to be able to live life to the full

“Over the last 2 years, my digestion weakened, my period became less regular and I developed severe PMS.  I found that when I was stressed, I lacked energy, concentration, memory and a sense of humour.  My weekly sessions with Nicky were a godsend and nourished my soul when I was struggling to cope.  I feel stronger mentally and physically now, and have some go-to yoga and lifestyle tweaks when I need a pick-me-up.”


What's Next?

For more info on the structure and content of the programme, and how the 6 Week Menopause Support Programme would be tailored to your specific needs and challenges, book a Free Health Assessment.

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