Meet Nicky

Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher & Sleep Expert

Women's Health; Yoga for Cancer & Beyond; Long Covid & Chronic Fatigue; Yoga for Parkinsons; Mental Health; Teen Yoga Therapy; Sleep Recovery & more

Hi I'm Nicky.

I came across my first yoga class in my mid-20s at my local gym after suffering a bad sports injury, which brought my international sporting dreams to an abrupt halt.  Looking back, my yoga journey really started when I was 12 during a period of depression - I lost all of my friends unexpectedly when I transitioned to senior school, and felt isolated and withdrawn, but I wasn't able to understand why I felt so miserable.  I became a witness to my own life as I disconnected further and further from myself.  I was at a crossroads and decided that something had to change.  In order to get better,  I began to block my negative thoughts.  Very gradually, over many years, I developed a positive mindset and greater resilience.

I always felt that I would become a yoga teacher in this lifetime, and the opportunity arose when I returned to the UK after a year abroad in 2014.  Supporting teens through emotional health struggles was a driving force, as well as helping people in my community.

The subject of yoga is vast and ever fascinating.  I have loved learning about the human body and natural movement, psychology, neuroscience, Chinese medicine and yoga philosophy.

I believe in guiding my clients to optimal health and happiness as naturally as possible - no tech, no meds, no products - because everything you need is inside.

I am passionate about tailoring my approach to your specific needs, drawing on the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Sleep Science and the 7 Chakras to find the best solution that works for you.

At the Claygate Yoga Clinic, I offer 6 week programmes to bring you back to health and happiness, so that you can feel better than ever.   Six weeks gives me the opportunity to support and guide you through appropriate practices and lifestyle changes, and gives you time to develop to create healthy habits moving forward.

These include:

Teen Yoga Therapy

Sleep Recovery

Women's Health Fresh Start

Mental Health & Wellness

Long COVID/Chronic Fatigue Recovery

I recommend starting with a FREE Discovery Call.

I also lead weekly seasonal strala yoga classes, teen yoga & mindfulness, and private yoga classes/massage at a time and location to suit you.  See my weekly schedule here.

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