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What is Seasonal Strala Yoga?

At Claygate Yoga Clinic, we practice seasonal yoga in a Strala way. What does this actually mean and what does it feel like? Each season has its own energy and plenty of themes and by attuning to these, you get a felt sense of happy, healthy harmony.

Strala Yoga is a way a being, moving and healing which draws on its roots in natural movement principles of yoga, tai chi and qigong, and and the wisdom of Japanese and Chinese Medicine.

Seasonal Yoga is a powerful way to connect with nature, cultivate mindfulness and find harmony. There are Five Elements associated with the seasons - Spring, Summer, Late Summer (Harvest), Autumn and Winter. Each Element is also associated with a yin and a yang organ, which work to support each other.

Wood is the Element associated with Spring. The energy is upward and outward and the organs are the Liver (yin) and Gallbladder (yang). Wood is unstoppable, moves around obstacles, and grows in spurts. A healthy tree trunk is steady and rooted, while its branches are flexible in the wind. However, if our bodies are unhealthy, we become brittle and dry.

Just like Mother Nature, our bodies need to stretch, feeling our muscles and tendons as we prepare for movement. A seasonal yoga practice will ensure we stretch out and release the fascia with long, luscious yin poses, easing into movement with tai chi as well as more active dynamic yang yoga sequences. This is a move from yin to yang, from rest to action.

Start Planning

With the longer daylight hours, we begin to feel more energetic with an urge to make plans and tackle projects. Not only is the sense of seeing associated with Wood, but vision is also one of its properties - the ability to look ahead and envisage great things, such as a call to action on climate change. We need to express this vision; this is a time to plan, prioritise, organise and strategise - qualities of Wood.

The liver and gallbladder meridians are the yin and yang meridians of Spring. We can think of the liver General as leader and decision-maker, while the gallbladder Official carries out the plan. When our Wood is in balance, we can both envisage and carry out the plan. Good judgment also comes into play, as it is important to test the feasibility before jumping into action, but equally we don't want to prevaricate. Clarity and objectivity are key elements.

However, if this upward rising energy is not expressed, it can turn to anger, directed outward or worse, towards ourselves as an inner critic, allowing feelings of guilt and shame. We need to counteract this emotion with courage and take initiative to move forward in our lives.

Spring is a great time to embrace movement and connect to like-minded people, so come along and join us!

Seasonal Strala Yoga classes are bookable now - Monday 730pm and 845pm, and Friday 930am. There is a more gentle class on Wednesday 6pm, which is perfect if you wish to re-boot your health and sleep better. If the class is showing as full, please call me to check availability on 07754 080300.

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