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Sleep & Nutrition Retreat

12-16 October 2023 in Barcelona

Soften. Breathe. Sleep with ease.

Escape from sleepless nights and join us in Villirana, Barcelona

for a 5 day retreat of yoga and wellness hosted by

Sleep Recovery and Therapeutic Yoga Specialist, Nicky Dye 


Do you need to sleep better and stress less?

What to Expect

Staying in a beautiful villa with a swimming pool, this retreat aims to give you a plethora of sleep tools and techniques from the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, while nourishing your body with delicious nutrition to support a good night's sleep.


You will be treated to different styles of yoga for energy and sleep, while learning new journalling, mindfulness and meditation techniques to clear the mind from its attachments.  In addition, you will each receive personal food analysis based on your food diaries with recommendations for any tweaks.


In your free time, you get to explore the area with a coastal hike (and optional dip!) and a trip into Barcelona, or relax in the hammock or on a sun lounger by the pool. The choice is yours; this is your time to relax and unwind, without the demands of daily life.

What's included

  • 4 nights accommodation in a beautiful, secluded villa with a pool in Vallirana, Barcelona

  • choose from 4 spacious double rooms or 2 twin rooms

  • towels, linen, yoga mats

  • delicious, healthy meals,

  • outdoor BBQ, hammock and sun loungers

  • twice daily yoga classes - gentle energising yoga, morning rise qigong, sleep recoveryTM yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga

  • twice daily pranayama breath sessions - drop breath, 3 part breath, ujjayi, alternate nostril breath

  • daily meditation/mindfulness - mantra, breath awareness, BELL technique, Emotional Release Technique

  • journalling workshop to release thoughts, feelings and emotions

  • expert insights into sleep physiology and psychology

  • talk on optimal nutrition for sleep (what, when, how and where)

  • individual food analysis and recommendations by a nutritional therapist

Not included: flights and transfers (30 minute taxi share)

Example Menu

Early breakfast - help yourself to seasonal fruit, frozen berries and yoghurt, oats

Brunch - roasted veg & lentils on a bed of salad leaves, sprinkled feta and salsa verde

Dinner - tomato and mozzarella in olive oil drizzle, BBQ fresh fish with veg skewers

Optional late evening snack - pistachios, oat cakes, banana, nut butter

Your Itinerary

wifi code: Movistar_Plus_E2EE / masia456


Day 1 Thursday

6pm Arrival at the villa

7pm Welcome dinner and introductions

830pm Yoga for Sleep + The Drop Breath

930pm Yoga Nidra Meditation


Day 2 Friday

830am Energising Wake-up Yoga

10am Breakfast

11am Talk: Sleep Insights

1230pm Home-cooked Lunch

130pm Individual Food Analysis / relax by the pool

245pm Circular mountain hike (7km)

7pm Dinner

830pm Mindfulness: The Bell Technique

9pm Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra


Day 3 Saturday

830am Morning Qigong

930am Breakfast

1030am Talk: The Microbiome and Sleep

1230pm Lunch

230pm Trip to Sitges town and optional dip at the "platje" (beach)

5pm Drinks at Ramon's Wine Cellar

7pm Supper

845pm 3 Part Breath, and Yin Yoga


Day 4 Sunday

830am Wake-Up Shake-Up Yoga!

930am Breakfast

1030am Journalling Workshop

1pm Lunch

2pm Explore Barcelona

530pm Relax in a Restorative Pose / hammock / poolside

7pm Supper

9pm Yoga for Deeper Sleep and Ujjayi Breath

945pm Introduction to Meditation + Mantra, Alternate Nostril Breathing


Day 5 Monday

830am Yoga & Qigong / Restore Rejuvenator Pose

930am Breakfast

1045 WellBeing Plan and Q&A

12 noon Leave the casa / Lunch at Restaurant La Trocha (Mediterranean cuisine)

Meet The Team

Claygate Yoga Clinic

for health, healing and happiness

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