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How to 
Sleep Better & 
Stress Less

Are you feeling weighed down by your responsibilities at work and at home?

Understand Your Sleep Patterns

Explore your sleep habits to find out how they affect your sleep quantity and quality, and ultimately the energy you have throughout the day.


Improve your Emotional Resilience

3 top tools to calm your emotions, release tension and make better decisions.


Discover the Power of Rest

Learn how to boost your energy for greater focus, clarity and productivity.

Download your Free Roadmap

Tony, Lawyer

I am struggling to suggest anything to improve it! Perhaps because it works.

Lisa, Mum of 4

I noticed the difference in how my body behaved a week or so after our first session. I was so surprised at how quickly I was able to fall into my new routine. 

Julie, Teacher

I feel so much happier and relaxed now that I have the tools and knowledge to help me. 

Claygate Yoga Clinic

for health, healing and happiness

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